5 Reasons Why Christians Should Vote

5 Reasons Why Christians Should Vote

5 Reasons Why Christians Should Vote

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votingToday is an important day in the state of Virginia. We are electing our candidates to the three highest offices in the state – governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general. Sadly, many Christians don’t vote at all. Election days come and go like any other day. Why should we take time out of our busy day to vote?

1. Voting is a privilege. America is not a perfect nation by any stretch, but we are a blessed nation. Why do so many from other countries want to move to America? We are the land of opportunity and freedom. I’ve visited different countries all over the world, and I can honestly say there is no place like America. What makes America so special is the privilege to vote. In many countries its citizens have no voice at all. It’s our responsibility to take advantage of this privilege and to protect it. If we don’t exercise this privilege one day it could be taken away.

2. Voting is a way to say thanks. Remember the men and women who gave their lives so that we could enjoy our freedoms. The right to vote didn’t come easy. It was bought with the shedding of blood. As we vote, we remember and we thank those who died so that we might be free.

3. Voting is a chance to bring influence. Voting is a way to let your voice be heard. If we don’t like our leaders we can vote them out and choose new ones. This is important to remember as followers of Jesus. We are called to be salt and light, to impact and preserve the culture, to help guide it in the right way. So, vote for righteousness. As a Christian pay close attention to the important moral issues that are at stake, issues like the right to life, and the sanctity of marriage and the family. If you don’t vote you really have no right to complain about the direction of our state and the nation. Let’s not be so heavenly minded that we are no earthly good.

4. Every vote counts. You’re not wasting your time when you vote. What if a few thousand Christians think the same thing, “I’m wasting my time”? That kind of thinking can impact the outcome an election, and the future of our nation.

5. Voting is a great example. Our kids will follow the example we set for them. They watch more than they listen. Voting is a great way to model for the next generation the importance of being engaged, informed, and involved.

So, go out there and get that “I Voted” sticker and wear it proudly. May God bless America.

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