4 Ways to Deal Perfectionism

4 Ways to Deal Perfectionism

4 Ways to Deal Perfectionism

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image I have to admit, I battle with perfectionism, especially in the creative areas of my life. For me, that creative area is song writing. I’ve let perfectionism prevent me so many times from putting pen to paper. I often feel like I have to write the perfect song in one sitting. If it’s not perfect, forget about it. If the inspiration isn’t flowing, better check my email.

As I write I can be my worst real time critic. I can tell myself, “This is a waste of time” over and over again until I finally give up. I often find myself writing to impress other people than simply for the joy of it.

As a result the writing I need to do never gets done. I can go from week to week, month to month, year to year, imprisioned by perfectionism. Perfectionism lies at the root of procrastination.

That stinks! Here are a few ways to beat perfectionism.

1. Forget about impressing other people and create for an audience of one. The one I’m talking about is God. What brings him most joy is when we use our gifts and try to grow in our experience and ability. He takes no joy in us sitting around wondering what others will think of our creative endeavor.

2. Give yourself freedom to make mistakes. For a songwriter, that means the freedom to write some bad songs. For a cook that will mean allowing yourself to mess up in the kitchen. For the writer it will mean writing without worrying if your work will be published. The truth is, you’ll have to make a lot of mistakes in order to create something beautiful.

3. Focus less on the outcome and more on the joy of creating. Be fully present for the brief time you’ve set aside to create, and enjoy it. You can go back later and tweek, correct, and polish. This is the fun part.

4. Choose to begin. There is great power in making up your mind. Make up your mind to begin. You’ll find that creative ideas come when we just begin. You’ll often find your end product far exceeded your expectations.

Just some thoughts. I’m actually preaching to myself!

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