Holes in the Curtains

Holes in the Curtains

Holes in the Curtains

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Our family camped out for the first time on Tuesday. With two tents and a cooler of food, we shoved our blankets into the car and took off.

About 6:30 PM, the sun was tucked away, and the temperature sank to 40. When the S’mores were all gone, we asked ourselves if we should turn in early and burrow in for the long night.

That’s when we looked up at the night sky. The wind had blown away the clouds. You could see every star in the sky, like miniature Christmas lights. Soon we forgot about our discomfort. We were too busy trying to find the Big Dipper. Instead of complaining, we looked into heaven, and our jaws dropped in wonder.

All of life is a camping trip. It is full of sudden change and uncomfortable transitions. Let us fix our eyes on the eternal city, our home in heaven. The one who built the stars is making a place for us to be with him forever.

Hebrews 11:10 says of Abraham, “For he was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God.”

By the campfire, was I being watched?
Up I strained till my eyes hurt.
Cloudless space, black curtains,
Covered in glitter, pinhead in size.

What if burning heavenly bodies
are tiny tears in the veil?
Brilliant kingdom behind blinds.
Blowing shine, 10 billion suns.

Eternal dimension bursting holes,
Angles and saints pick and peep.
Like kiddos shove anxious faces,
through balusters on Christmas Day.

How long will shutters stay shut?
Glory presses, Heaven’s love stresses.
Soon Good Friday’s shroud torn,
Holy place, everyday space together.

The heavy levee cracks. Everyone leaning.
Son comes, wearing scars, but not from Mars.
Lions pick a boo with babes, Curse undone.
Stay awake. He’s just on the other side.

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