How to Know if You’re Really a Leader?

How to Know if You’re Really a Leader?

How to Know if You’re Really a Leader?

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I’ve always heard, “Everyone is a leader because we all have a degree of influence.” That’s encouraging to hear. That allows us all to check the leadership box with a big, “yes.”

But maybe you don’t want to influence anyone. You just want to do what you do, and let everyone else take care of themselves, be that build a website, paint a picture, or create a spreadsheet. You don’t want to be the front guy. Behind the scenes, plugging away in your cubicle is your thing. I think that’s OK.

But, how do you know if you’re really a leader? In Jon Gordon’s podcast interview with Scott Miller, the Executive Vice President of Thought Leadership with Franklin Covey, Mr. Miller gave a few insightful questions to ask ourselves.

1. Do you generally take delight in the success of others?
2. Can you step away from the spotlight and allow someone else to occupy the spotlight?
3. Do I have an abundance mentality versus a scarcity mentality? Do you believe there’s plenty of potential promotion to go around for everyone on the team?
4. Are you a good listener? Do you enjoy hearing as another share’s about their life journey?
5. Are you a good coach? Do you like to build and invest in other people?
6. Are you confident enough to see people move past you and make more money than you?

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