How will the Live Like You Were Dying Campaign Help Our Church Grow?

How will the Live Like You Were Dying Campaign Help Our Church Grow?

How will the Live Like You Were Dying Campaign Help Our Church Grow?

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That’s a great question!  Our upcoming fall campaign will help our church grow because it is built on the creation of new small groups focused on reaching out.  To make the campaign work small group hosts are incredibly important.

To be a host you don’t need to be a Bible scholar, or have a really large, expensive home.  You just need to have a heart for people, and a desire to help others personally grow in their Christian faith.

Here’s how the growth can happen.  Instead of inviting others already in our church family to join your group, think of those outside our church.  Think about your circles of influence, and invite people from there.  Think about relatives, neighbors, co-workers, neighborhood business owners, sports teams – people you already know that you want to reach for Christ.

Invite the people you already know to be a part of your group.  You could say something like, “I’m starting a four-week discussion group in my home and together we’ll be talking about the gift of life and how we can live for what is most important.  I would love to have you join us.”  Not everyone you invite will come, so to get a good group you need to invite at least 15 to 20 people.  Don’t forget to ask those in our church that already attend our group to invite friends as well.

Once your group meets, take the next step and invite them to experience our Sunday morning worship.  On Sundays we’ll dig deeper into the next subject in the series.  I believe the Holy Spirit will be working drawing people to Him through these groups, and as we are faithful to extend a friendly invitation.

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