Is Bigger Government The Answer?

Is Bigger Government The Answer?

Is Bigger Government The Answer?

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There seems to be a philosophical and ideological shift taking place in the minds of Americans over capitalism (free enterprise) and the role of government. Socialism (redistribution of wealth) is rising in popularity as I’ve never seen it in my day. Government is being looked to as the answer to all our problems. Capitalism is now seen by many as the great evil, the chief cause of so much hardship in history.

Because the chief problem with man is the spiritual disconnect because of our universal fallen nature big government will never be the answer. The level of corruption we see in Wall Street, banking, and in the health insurance industries will only be shifted to Washington, where it will only worsen because the power will be so concentrated in the hands of a few.

We see the weakness of our government in the slow and lethargic response to the Gulf Crisis. Why would we then look to it for all our answers?

What is the hope of the world? It’s not in a program but in a person. Jesus is still the answer for the world today. When he comes into our hearts through faith he so transforms us that we want to better not only ourselves, and our families, but the world around us. Because he gives us salvation and so much more, we in turn naturally desire to come to a place where we can give. This is not a top down, but a bottom up solution that can change the world!

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