Isn’t Living Together Logical?

Isn’t Living Together Logical?

Isn’t Living Together Logical?

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wedding photo-saidaonlineMany couples have bought into the idea that it is just logical for them to live together, kick the tires, work through the kinks, and then get married if everything seems to work out.  It just seems to make sense.  No need to rush.  Is that really the best approach?

In a recent survey by Bennett, Blan, and Bloom (American Sociological Review, 1988, Vol 53: 127-138), it was discovered that 80% of couples living together without marriage vows later decided to separate not get married.  That’s 80%!  60% of couples that were married by a Justice of the Peace later divorced.  Tragically, 40% of couples married in a church were later divorced.

But of those couples that were married in a church, before God, friends, and family, and who made the decision to read the Bible together regularly, their divorce rate was just 1 in 1,025!  That’s a failure rate of .009%!

So, living together before marriage isn’t the best approach.  It’s best to do it God’s way.  Marriage is his idea and it was given to us as a gift.  God knows what is best.  So, to make your relationship last, get married in a church, before God, friends, and family.  Then commit to read the Bible together and worship on a regular basis.  With that strong spiritual foundation you’ll be able to weather any storm!

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