Lessons From General Washington’s Miraculous Escape

Lessons From General Washington’s Miraculous Escape

Lessons From General Washington’s Miraculous Escape

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Have you ever felt trapped? The 2018 post-apocalyptic movie thriller A Quiet Place, is about a family penned down by alien, man-eating predators.  As the title suggests, they can’t talk or make sounds because these hungry monsters, while blind, have uber-sensitive hearing.  At the slightest noise, they zero in like supernatural spiders for the kill. The family survives in silence, until the fateful day, the pregnant mother’s water breaks. Retreating to the basement she steps on an exposed nail. Bleeding from labor and her injured foot, she lays in the tub, covered with a blanket, when the hungry alien enters the bathroom.  

There’s a difference between a rut and being trapped.  We usually fall into life ruts and don’t have the energy or desire to get up and change. When you’re trapped, you want to run, but you’re surrounded and see no way of escape.

In our study through the life of Moses, we now come to the greatest escape in the Old Testament. It reminds me of a time when General George Washington found himself hemmed in, desperate for a miracle. Like the Red Sea crossing, we find a superior enemy, a barrier of water, a no-escape situation, and the unexpected intervention of nature.  

In the early summer of 1776, Washington moved his ragtag, volunteer militia of 10,000 to fortify New York. He heard the British wanted the leading city and its valuable port. The undersupplied, undertrained colonial forces, comprised of kids as young as 15 and grandpas as old as 60, armed with their muskets, pistols, and sabers, began building forts, and digging trenches. 

But in early July 400 British ship set anchor in the harbor. In total, they had over 30,000 trained, experienced soldiers, armed with the latest weaponry, and over 1200 canon. The British began to disembark while some of the war fleet began to encircle the city, to tighten the noose, and kill the revolution.  On the night of August 28, Washington found himself trapped by the East River on one side, and the red coats on the other.  

Washington decided his entire army had to cross the water in the middle of the night. It was slow moving all the canons, horses, ammunition, wounded, not to mention about 8,000 soldiers.  As the sun began to rise, there were still troops needing to cross. In plain sight, the British would move in for the kill.  But to everyone’s surprise, a thick fog fell across the entire area and hung like a great curtain late into the morning. Every single soldier escaped just before the fog disappeared. When the sun finally broke, the British were amazed. The moment of victory vanished. The Continental Army lived to fight another day. All because of a mysterious fog that fell at just the right time.

You may feel surrounded by the enemy on every side. You’ve called every contact you know and no one can help. Your boss may not give a rip. Your family might not give a flip. You need to know today, God sees, understands, and cares about your need.  When no one can, God is able to show up and make a way.


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