Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends

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When I think of the Apostle Paul I view him as a high type A personality, driven, studious – so focused on the task with little time for relationship. Only a man like that could accomplish all he did for the Lord. But the more I read his letters I see a different picture coming together.

Paul was always mentioning the names of others close to him. He was either asking for prayer on their behalf, or sending a personal greeting. Think of the impact. The Apostle Paul thought to mention their name in a personal letter from a distant land. I’m sure that had to be encouraging.

For instance, in Romans 16 Paul personally greets 27 different people by name. These were his friends. His support group. I think Paul accomplished so much not on his own raw talent alone, but because he had some great friends around him.

I know I would like friends like that. How can that happen? One way is to show yourself friendly. Don’t wait for friends to magically appear. Friends are cultivated as we take the initiative to show we care.

I want to personally invite you this Sunday to our Friends Day celebration. We’ll learn more about the power of friendship and celebrate friends at a picnic after the 11 AM service. There will be great food, activities for the kids, and a time of family olympics with prizes from Chic-fil-a.

I hope to see you there!

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