Only Fools Talk This Way

Only Fools Talk This Way

Only Fools Talk This Way

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My prayer for these last days is for the church to hold on to Jesus. The culture wants to pressure us to set our glorious Savior aside, and embrace some nameless benevolent force either in ourselves, nature, or in some place far away. But let’s remember and celebrate the One who has no equal. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

Who would ever say our sun is like every other star?
Furnace in space, like the little lights that twinkle and die.
Who would ever say this living sphere is just another orb?
One of a billion sea shells, a fast-moving grain of sand.
And who would say a diamond is an ordinary blob of clay?
With one voice, we all agree – a fool only talks this way.

There is a morning star, unique, beautiful without compare.
In the radiance of this story, every light is eclipsed.
Born in a barn, laid in a wooden breakfast bowl for cows.
Guiltless, condemned, cursed, crushed, crucified criminal.
Flanked by foes, forgotten by friends, forsaken by his Father.
Who would ever say that Friday was just another Friday?

And who would ever say that Sunday was another funday?
Who would say 1776 was just one more lap around the sun?
Dayspring, too atomic for a cold tomb, blew death’s door down.
Body never found, soldiers lied for bribe, but 500 said otherwise.
Lavish gift of love for rebels, severed all of time in between.
Foul stench of sin, now placed on him, wretched hearts made clean.

Newton and Einstein are now packaged in the palm of our hand.
But how could we look at this sun as just another tiny star?
Our chips move space ships, but how could we be such dim wits
To set ourselves, first graders on the supreme court of the universe?
There is only one, and none other can even match his name.
Raise our Savior high in worship. May we never be ashamed.

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