Remember the Love You Had Long Ago?

Remember the Love You Had Long Ago?

Remember the Love You Had Long Ago?

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Remember when you bowed the knee and surrendered to me?
That day, by the altar, our union came to be with family.
Nothing forced, no money exchanged, no date prearranged.
I pursued, knocked, called, and sent messages to you.
Finally, you said yes, and a deep friendship ensued.

Remember how simple and happy we were in those days?
No thought of time, or being clever, just being together.
You sang your heart’s song, and we danced with joy.
You devoured the love letter I wrote before you were born.
You held it close to your heart until its pages were torn.

But things fell apart when you started working for me.
In our house, much to do, but nothing was beneath you.
You saw a need and went overboard because you wanted to.
It brought me joy to see you so fruitfully employed.
But you stopped saying hi. Busy bee, service became idolatry.

Your sweat equity making up for the sins I already forgave.
Precious one, crazy to behave and play the part of slave.
Driven by guilty responsibility, we hardly ever speak.
You stumble through the house and never talk about the week.
How it pains me to know you lost the love you had for me.

And now you want to walk away, worn by burdens you made.
I know you have another fling or two. Your bags are by the door.
Away from house, to shack up with a louse, who can’t care for you.
Leeches all, these idols bore in your heart, and suck your life away.
How many feast now after you opened the door to dine with them?

I know you think it’s too late for us, but I’ll never stop loving you.
Filthy feet trampled on my promise, but my arms are outstretched.
Forget about all you must fix, and come back just like you are.
Nailed scarred hands of grace, will wrap you in righteousness.
Change your mind, and you will find, things again like long go.

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