Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

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As you set out to make your resolutions for 2012 I want to ask you to try reverse engineering. What’s that? Sit down with a clear sheet of paper and a think about this time next year – January 1, 2013. Ask yourself this question, “Where do I want to be and who do I want to be on that day?” To help you, you could ask the following questions:

i. What will my relationship with Jesus look like?

ii. What will my marriage and family look like?

iii. How will my money be spent?

iv. What kind of people will I be investing my time in? What kind of people will I be learning from?

v. What will my body look like? How much will I weigh?

vi. What will my ministry in God’s house look like?

vii. How will I spend time with my kids?

viii. What will I do for recreation?

After asking those questions step back and say, “Now how am I going to get there?” Then you establish your resolutions. You reverse engineer.

I would encourage you to write it down. There is something about putting pen to paper and writing that brings clarity and focus. If it’s just in your brain in can stay a bit fuzzy. Notice Habakuk 2:2 – And the LORD answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. Once you write it out its helpful to share it with someone, like your spouse, and then a close friend so they can hold you accountable.

Life is like a checkbook. Each day you’re writing checks on a limited amount resources. We need to think ahead and plan how we will spend our time. If not we’ll spend it carelessly and have nothing left over to invest in the things that really matter.

(I want to thank Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church who gave a great message on Reverse Engineering. Much of this material comes from that talk.)

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