Roaming Cow, Hungry Mind

Roaming Cow, Hungry Mind

Roaming Cow, Hungry Mind

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I recently watched a John Piper Youtube video on how to write poetry. I had no idea the great preacher had such a hobby. In the talk, he suggested a couple of books for those who might want to learn more, one being Ted Kooser’s, The Poetry Home Repair Manual. It’s a book for beginners, written in a clear, humorous way. It sparked a desire to give it a shot, and I’ve found a lot of joy in it.

This poem came after reading this morning from Psalm 145:4-5, “One generation shall praise Your works to another, and shall declare Your mighty acts. I will meditate on the glorious splendor of Your majesty, and on Your wondrous works.”

Our mind is like a hungry cow, roaming for some grub.
Meanders on the farmer’s land and bites another nub.

Meditate, contemplate, ruminate, chew.
Swish and swallow what you choose for food.

In the enclosed field of life, rich grass is all around.
But bitter weeds and poisonous roots also abound.

Large, roaming, bovine eye, wanders over the way
Delicious, new, a tasty chew, all caution thrown away.

Meditate, contemplate, ruminate, chew.
Toxic juice deep inside, coursing through and through.

Oh, sad sight, a sickened cow with sour milk inside.
Pointy bones, a droopy tent, udder full of flies.

As your brain roams the field, the Lord has made you,
Planted with rich promises, power-packed superfood.

Meditate, contemplate, ruminate, chew.
Little ones who drink your milk, thriving because of you.

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