Singing Journey in Church?

Singing Journey in Church?

Singing Journey in Church?

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A couple of weeks ago I began the message by singing one of my all time favorite songs – Don’t Stop Believin’ by the power rock band Journey. I’ve attached a link here to the video of the rendition.

Why do that in church? I find it interesting that as you look at Scripture the Apostle Paul often quoted from secular, well known poets. He quoted from Epimenides, Aratus, Cleanthes, and Menander. He used their popular thoughts and words to build a bridge, to establish a point of connection with those far from Jesus, to open their hearts and minds to the gospel. He did it because it worked.

Each Sunday, there are those in our churches who are far from God. Is hitting them on the head with the Truth right from the start the best way to go? God can use a popular song, a clip from a movie, a quote, or a reference to a current event to break through their defenses, and bring the Gospel into their world.!/video/video.php?v=10150331228285343

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