The Holy Spirit – Our Helper

The Holy Spirit – Our Helper

The Holy Spirit – Our Helper

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Have you ever looked at your life and wished you had a helper – someone to stand there with you and help you shoulder the load you carry?  I have.  holy-spirit-explains

Dads, you might feel like the weight of providing for your family is too great for you to shoulder.  You know the weight of being a 24/7 godly example is too great for you alone.  You feel the weight of trying to get your career on the right track and the load is often too heavy for you to bear.  You wish you had a helper.

You wish you had a real physical presence standing next to you to hold up your arms.  Your parents are not around any more.  Maybe no family members are near to run to.  Maybe you’re new to the area and you don’t have any strong friendships to lean on.

You wish you had a counselor, someone who had walked this way before who could coach you.  You wish you had a comforter – someone who would not only sympathize with you, but also instill within you hope and courage to keep on.   Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own personal cheerleader?

Jesus was having his final talk before going to the cross.  He had just told his disciples that he would be leaving them, and their hearts were greatly troubled.  But then he gave them this promise in John 14:16 – 16 And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, to be with you forever,

In the Greek the word “helper” is paraclete.  It’s a word that doesn’t have a simple translation.  Literally it means “one called along side.”  It can be translated “helper”, but it can also “counselor” “advocate” “comforter” and “friend.”  Later Jesus said the Helper to be sent is the Holy Spirit.  That’s a promise for you and I as Christians also.  We have a great helper with us who will never leave – the Holy Spirit.

One of the most damaging ideas anyone can meditate on while going through a time of trouble is, “I am alone.”  After that come self-pity, and then despair.  We begin to think no one cares.  Those are thoughts that the Christian doesn’t have to dwell on.  Even when we don’t feel his presence, the Holy Spirit is always there.  Why not turn your attention to him?  Call on him.  Ask to comfort you and to fill you again with his power.

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