Upcoming Junior High Foundations Class

Upcoming Junior High Foundations Class

Upcoming Junior High Foundations Class

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Wendy and I see it a lot. Junior high kids, 11 to 13, carrying iPhones. It’s the first thing they grab when they get off the school bus after school. They don’t turn to talk, or reach in their backpack for a donut. They grab the smart phone and walk down the sidewalk with eyes fixed downward. If I did that I would hit a mailbox.

Junior High kids are facing challenges we knew nothing about growing up. They are exposed to a whole lot more at an earlier age. Dr. Brenda Hunter in her book, “From Santa to Sexting” writes about “age compression”. Its a term marketers have coined to describe the brevity of contemporary childhood. It’s sad, but for some, childhood innocence ends at age nine.

If you have junior high children I want to invite them to a new class coming up called “Foundations”. Our hope is to introduce the next generation to the basics of Christian beliefe and talk about why it’s important. There will be time for interaction and fun. Here’s the basic plan.


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