Video of Well Dedication

Video of Well Dedication

Video of Well Dedication

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Sierra Leone could be one of the wealthiest countries in the world. White sandy beaches. Under ground stores of iron, ore, copper, oil, and diamonds. Sadly, war and corruption have kept this country and its people impoverished.

One of the big needs is clean drinking water. This year we raised the funds for a new well in the city of Kenema, Sierra Leone. The well was placed next to a growing church, Royal Evangelical Ministries, pastored by Rev. Sam King, a leader who has a vision to show compassion to his needy community. On Sunday, October 10th this new well was officially opened and dedicated.

Our hope is to continue to partner with pastors and community leaders to dig wells and provide more leadership training. Next year we have agreed to provide computers for the pastors in the Global Leadership Institute who have access to electricity. For those far in the interior, they will receive a new bicycle and enough cassava seed for a cassava farm.

Below is a video showing the dedication of the well.

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