Winter Holiday or Christmas

Winter Holiday or Christmas

Winter Holiday or Christmas

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I just returned from my 7 year old daughter’s winter holiday production at her elementary school. I sat with other smiling parents, hands filled with cameras, as the first grade class sang about a snowman, hibernation, and snow flakes. The kids had us all spellbound as they hailed the magic of winter.

Though it was cute, it left me cold. I know the majority of American celebrate not a winter holiday, but Christmas. We sing not about the bear in the cave, or the carrot stuck in the snowman’s head, but of the manger, Bethlehem, the holy night, and the new born babe. Certainly, we don’t all worship Jesus as the Son of God, but the majority of Americans acknowledge that December 25th is fundamentally about him.

As I sat and watched the next generation celebrate winter, snow, and fun, this thought hit me. We, the people, pay the taxes funding our public school system. Our money pays for the lights, the salaries, the transportation, the activities. How is it we have no say in what the December celebration should be called? If we’re paying for it, shouldn’t we have a chance to decide?

This is the party line. There are a few in the school who don’t celebrate Christmas and in deference to them none will have the chance lest the few be offended. Should a handful, 5, 10, 25 hold back hundreds from calling this time of the year Christmas as they do everywhere else outside school grounds? We have let a vocal minority set the trend for all of us. This should not be.

The real issue is that Christmas has the word “Christ” in it, and saying that name would be to endorse a religion. Really? Saying “Christmas” is going to indoctrinate? I don’t think so. Christmas is a tradition that’s been woven into the fabric of our people from its very foundation. To remove it is un-American and undemocratic. We are democracy and that means the majority rule. I guess that doesn’t apply in the school systems we pay for.

This is political correctness at its worst. In the name of tolerance, the few in charge become the most intolerant of all.

If someone out there knows how to go about getting this changed please let me know your thoughts.

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